• “Analysing Grant Peer Review Reports Using Machine Learning” led by Dr Stefan Müller and the Swiss National Science Foundation.
  • “Rural-Urban Cleavage in Spain and Beyond” led by Dr Pedro Riera.
  • “Populism: Representation or Polarization?” led by Dr Nina Wiesehomeier.

Work in Progress

  • “From MP to Leader. The necessity to seduce the median vote to win elections.”
  • “MPs and the rural-urban debate. How the national legislature handles regionalist parties.” with Silvia Clavería (Carlos III University of Madrid).
  • “Parliamentary Debate and Populism: Exploring the Role of Party Competition and Individual Characteristics” with Michael Becher, Irene Menéndez González, and Nina Wiesehomeier (IE University).
  • “The audience effect: Leaders’ speeches over decentralization in different contexts.”